Short Story

DNS Jumper adalah sebuah aplikasi kecil yang membantu pengguna dengan menyediakan sistem satu-klik untuk mengubah server DNS. Aplikasi ini menampilkan daftar dari server DNS yang dapat diaktifkan dengan klik tombol mouse. Tersedia server DNS berkisar dari Google DNS Open DNS Level 3, Open NIC DNS hingga default DNS dari system anda sendiri.

What's New in This Release:
· [Fixed ] - Antivirus "False Positive" Problems (No UPX and No more (False Positive)
· [ Fixed ] - Doesn't work on some Vista / windows 7
· [ Fixed ] - Doesn't work on some x64 systems
· [ Fixed ] - Doesn't work on PE (Preinstalled) Environment
· [ Fixed ] - Doesn't recognise some Wlan Cards
· Update function added (Press i - info button and then press Update check button)
· Backup and restore added (if Dns jumper v1.0.4 First time run, Automatically back up your dns settings) , if you want to restore your settings select Restore (under choose a free DNS Service) and Press apply button
· Languages preinstalled
· fastest DNS - a bit improved
· More Dns (17 to 32) 15 new
· No problem with USB modems (till now)
· cmd suport added
· if dns jumper doesn't recognise your Network card (very rare) can still
· change dns server settings (choose all Network Cards and press Apply dns button)
· German Language added
· a few minor visual changes